Friday, May 16, 2008

Chico Wildflower

This years Wildflower was HOT!!!
So, we prepared for the day with sunscreen and coffee.

I was wishing for a little rain like last year. The organizers had some trouble keeping enough water at the rest stops and anything containing electrolytes was scarce. Consequently, my legs started cramping at around 70 miles.

Jennifer was riding strong, and it was entertaining to see how many people were content to let her pull them along. At times, we were hooked up with a strong group and everyone took turns up front. It's really fun when a group works together well... we were flying along!

There is some great scenery along the way. Here's a shot of an old covered bridge on the climb up Honey Run Rd.

Century rides are more social than other types of riding, and it's fun to see people we know along the way. Here's Monica and Jen's sister Kelly caught red handed in that "other" kit!

This little guy was wondering why his begging wasn't working.

And finally, I'd like to rant for a moment...

So far the food at the Wildflower has been the best of any century we've been to. For the price it should be. Since Jen became intolerant of wheat or gluten, it's been a struggle for her to enjoy the food at these events. This year, the food was sub-par, slow in coming to a mob of hungry riders, and when I asked the chef about the ingredients of some foods I thought Jen might be able to eat - he was very rude, and would barely give me the time of day.

Well... kiss my ass buddy!

There are two people who won't bother next year, and since there are other events on the same weekend we might do something else next year. His attitude was surprising, given the progressive and open culture in Chico.

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