Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fairfax Appetite Seminar

Turkey Day 2008, we headed over to Fairfax in Marin County for the annual "Appetite Seminar" thanksgiving ride. Oliver Bell was playing tour guide, and showed us a fantastic time. This was our first time at this event - what a blast! The weather was perfect although the fog hung out in some places. I never thought I would enjoy fireroad so much, but this ride is a must do. I rode the whole day with only my front brake and managed to keep the rubber side down, but I wish I could have let it all hang out on the "Repack" downhill.

Check out Jennifer with Mt Tam in the background:

Here's the three of us:

The route:

Jen making a splash on her new Orbea Alma carbon hardtail!

The party at the end was fun and free, as in free beer!

Jen got a picture with living legend, Gary Fischer:

Yes, I'm starting to look like Abe Lincoln, and no, it's not for Obama:

All in all, a great ride in a great place with great company!
Thanks Oliver, for showing us around!
We will definitely do this ride next year...


Repack Rider said...

Glad you could make it out for the thirty-somethingth ride. Here are a couple of links regarding the history of the ride.

Ken said...

Thank you for those links, Charlie! I'm honored to have a hall of famer and pioneer of the sport visiting my humble blog. We have a lot to thank you and the other pioneers for. See you at the Winter Solstice?