Thursday, August 7, 2008

Olmstead, flats, and Cougars

Lately, I've been flatting alot. One would think that 50lbs would keep the pinchies away. dunno...

So today, I'm getting ready for a lap on Olmstead, and there's this guy parked next to me. He starts up with "Are ya 'fraid of cougars?" Nope. "You should be," he says, "why, I wouldn't go out there without at least a .38" This went on and on as I was gearing up to go, trying to convince me that I was in mortal danger. His parting words were something like, "If yer truck's still here tomorrow, I'll notify the authorities." "Thanks," I said, and rode off.

Now... it wasn't too far along that I feel something on my arm, and look down to see a wasp planting his stinger in me. Good thing I'm not allergic. Though I was cruising along too fast for that to be going on, but there he was. Got me good before I could get stopped.

Then came the best part... A double flat on the same rock. Since i'm about 1/2 to 3/4 the way around, there's no easy way back. I decided to backtrack a bit and get out to the road that runs through the place. At this point, I started thinking about that dude back at the truck telling me I would probably die out here. I ended up walking about 5 miles back to the truck, pushing my bike with both tires flat, thinking about all this crazy stuff and how my girlfriend would be pleased.

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