Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I like Divide Loop again

I don't think i've ever done a lap on Divide loop at a race pace until today. With all the extra options, too. Popped a new cassette on and headed out. Didn't see a soul until almost done with the return on Connector. Really help the avg speed.

The plan was Manzanita to Tinkers, up Clementine, out Connector, do the loop counter-clockwise, Connector to Culvert, and back up Stagecoach.
30.98 miles, 10.8 avg, 2:50 door to door. Could have shaved another 10-15 minutes off that by not taking it easy over to the trail and not having to mess with my earpieces frequently. I'm very happy with todays effort, though.

I didn't really realize the North fork canyon side, with all those garland - style turns could be so much fun. I used the terrain to my advantage better today and could use those to accelerate, though I was climbing.

I was also pleasantly surprised how many of the descents on both sides, could be rolled with zero brakes all the way through. I was hitting the same speeds in places, as going down Stagecoach.

The Rattlers are out in full force. Nearly ran over 2. Need to get a snake bite kit soon! The life you save may be your own

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